Whisky as a investment

This article is going to make you rich!

“Whisky is ment to be enjoyed and shared with friends.”

But.. some whiskies are very special and a piece of liquid art. There are whiskies out there that if you sell them you can buy a beautiful car or even a house. 

So whisky is booming and a great investment for now or the near future. 

This means if you know what you are doing!

Don’t worry you can still drink your Johnnie Walker red label, this isn’t what im talking about. 

Im talking about:

  • The Macallan Edition No.1 that cost €100 when it came out and now is worth around €1000.
  • A bottle of Black Bowmore 1964 that is worth approximately €25.000
  • A six liter bottle of The Macallan M. The last bottle of Macallan M was sold at an auction in Hong Kong for €530.920
  • A bottle of Dalmore 62 with a decanter that houses the whisky is made of platinum and crystal, while the wooden mold that is used to create the decanter took over 100 hours to be handcrafted and cost €211.000.
  • Bottles from a closed distillery that will quadruple your invest, like Karuizawa, Port Ellen. 

These are just a small example of the bottles you need to keep an eye out for. But you need to be fast because a lot of collectors will buy them as well. 

Where to begin?

Investing in whisky is always a risky thing, if you do not know what you are doing. 

Whisky is like liquid art, liquid gold and a piece or history that you can smell, taste and enjoy. 

There is a way that you will make the risk as low as possible if you follow a couple of ground rules:

  • Dont open the bottle!
  • Store your whisky in a room with a constant temperature
  • Store it out of the reach of sunlight
  • The room humidity can’t be damp or too dry. (the labels or cork will damage) 
  • Buy from a well known and reliable whisky store, website, auction house or distillery website. 
  • Start out small and work your way up into more expensive and exclusive whisky bottles. (this because of counter fits bottles out there)
  • Read and learn more about whiskies and there values. 


Beginners mistakes?



A beginner mistake is buying whiskies that are produced in high quantity and are available in your local liquor store. Buying blends that are available everywhere. like for example Johnnie Walker black label, Jack Daniels No.7

Opening your bottles and thinking people will still buy them from you. (you can then only sell samples of that whisky)

I must confess i made some of the same mistakes and luckily could sell some of my blended whiskies for the same price as i bought them for at the time. That way i could invest my money into bottles of whiskies that are worth investing into. 

So if you dont want to make the same mistakes i did in the past, keep reading this blog!


Whisky Quote: "Whisky is like liquid art, liquid gold and a piece or history that you can smell, taste and enjoy."
Whisky Blogger

Cask investment 

You will get a certificate as proof that you are the owner of that cask /barrel. 

There is also a possibility to buy a small amount of whisky inside a cask /barrel. This will mean you will be part owner of a cask /barrel. The positive effect of this is that its much cheaper then a hole cask or barrel. But the downside is that the profit is smaller as well. 



Tips and Tricks  

Here are a few tips and tricks that will guarantee you in doubling your investment: 


  • Limited editions single malt whiskies. 
  • Whiskies from well known distilleries for example: Macallan, Dalmore, Port Ellen.
  • Limited amount of bottles produced. 
  • Special cask finishes or cask strengths. 
  • Special distilled or produced whisky by a well known distillery. 
  • Closed or demolished distillery botteling (Karazura, Port Ellen.)
  • Limited time available whiskies. 
  • Community released special editions by a distillery. 
  • Old age statement single malt whiskies. 
  • Special designed edition of single malt whiskies. 
  • A bottle of whiskies signature by the distillery manager or a famous person. 

There are a couple of more things to look out for. The older and more expensive the bottle the more likely the bottle of whisky can be fake. This because the counterfitters can make a lot of money counterfitting the bottle of whiskies.  

Wanne read more about counterfitting whiskies 

Click here 

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