Livingbythedram Whisky Club

Where each dram tells a story

Our whisky club is a community of like mined people that got a love and passion for whiskies and other spirits. We like to share and learn about all different kind of spirits the world got to offer. You are welcome in our luxury tasting room at the Oostdijk 32 in Oud-Beijerland the Netherland or from the comfort of your home. 


As a member of the livingbythedram club you will receive 10% discount on your purchase and earn royalties that you can spend on items in the shop or on tastings. 

Early Exces

As a member you will have first pick to newly released whiskies, rum and special releases and limited releases before it will enter the shelfs in the shop.

Every month there are new releases that you can pick from. 

Special Private Events

As a member of our livingbythedram Club you will have exces to Special Private Events, tastings and Master classes. We will hold contests and quizes so your knowledge will grow in a fun way. 

Livingbythedram Pin

As a member of our premium social club you need to be recognized by your unique and special made clubpin. You will receive it at your first yearly subscription with the club. 

Livingbythedram Magazine 

Once every three months you will receive your livingbythedram magazine containing lots of information about Whiskies, Bourbon, Distilleries, Cigars and Rum. 

Sample Pack

Once every month you will receive a sample pack. We will hold a contest. With nosing and tasting the blind sample in this sample pack you can earn points. The one with the most point at the end of the year will have the honor of calling him or her self " Nose the year" .

This title will be given to the one with the most points or distillate guessed correctly. 

Premium Tasting Room

Oostdijk 32 Oud-Beijerland

In our tasting room we will conduct tastings, masterclasses, courses and other educational classes. But most important you will be surrounded by like minded people with a passion for whisky and other spirits. Like our slogan Every dram tells a story, this is also true for people. Come and visit us and join our Livingbythedram Club 

Online Livingbythedram Club

Online participation

We understand you can't always be there in person. Don't worry we understand you !

It's also possible to enjoy the Livingbythedram Club at the comfort of your home and still experience the whisky and communication in the tasting room.

We will add you to our online community and let you join us online while you enjoy the spirits we send to your home. This way you can still participate. 

Choose Yourself

Different kind of subscription

The choice is up to you!

You have the controle.

You want to enter in person at our luxury tasting room or from the comfort of your home.

You want to pay by month or year. Its all possible

You are in charge !

limited time
24,95 per month
1 blinde proefmonster elke maand
10% discount
Eerste keuze op gelimiteerde releases en Special releases voordat het de winkel in gaat
Special Master classes and Education
Speical Offer
275 per year
1 blinde proefmonster elke maand
10% discount
Eerste keuze op gelimiteerde releases en Special releases voordat het de winkel in gaat
Special Master classes and Education
Livingbythedram Magazine (per quarter)
Livingbythedram pin
Special Master classes and Education
Livingbythedram engraved Amber Glass
Livingbythedram glass cap
Club Agenda

Save the date

Here are the upcoming tastings events for the whisky club.


Whisky 101

11 juli 

Click Here

whisky beginners course

Serving 5 different Single Malt Scotch Whisky with food. explaining the fine world of Scotch Whisky through whisky with food and great company. 

Bruichladdich tasting

18 juli 

Click Here

There is more then just Scotland

Serveert 3 verschillende Bruichladdich whisky's met hapjes. Dit met een presentatie en een goede uitleg over de distilleerderij en het merk.

  • Bruichalddich Classic Laddie
  • Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 
  • Bruichladdich Octomore 14.1

Exploring smell and taste

16 August 

Click Here

Learn and develop your smell and taste

A quick course on analyzing whisky by using your eyes, nose and mouth. You will be learning how to make a taste note and divide quality from quantity. 


World Whiskies Tasting

13 september 

Click Here

There is more then just Scotland

Exploring the different kind of whiskies all over the world. we will try five world renowned single malt whiskies. While tasting these beautiful whiskies you will get all the information you want to know about these whiskies in your glass. 

Proeverij op maat? Laat het ons weten

Zoek je nog een leuk uitje?

Heb je een bedrijfsuitje, vriendengroep of vrijgezellenfeest. Zoek je nog een leuk uitje? In os luxueuze proeflokaal kunnen wij 18 man en vrouw ontvangen. Wij verzorgen alles tot in de puntjes en verzorgen jullie een prachtige ervaring in de wereld van de gedistilleerde dranken.

    Richard Burgmans

    Owner of Livingbythedram

    Every dram tells a story and I would like nothing more then to tell you all these stories and take you with me in the beautiful world of spirits.