Kilchoman Distillery

The Kilchoman distillery (pronounced Kil-ho-man) is a distillery that produces single malt Scotch whisky and Unaged spirits on Islay, an island of the Inner Hebrides. Kilchoman Distillery is in the northwest of the island, close to one of Islay’s most spectacular beaches at Machir Bay. Kilchoman was founded by Anthony Wills and remains an independent, family run distillery. 

It is the smallest on the island but since obtaining Rockside Farm in 2015, is in the process of expanding.

  • Owner

    Kilchoman Distillery Company

  • Status


  • Country


  • Region


  • Production type:

    Single Malt
    Unaged spirits

  • Founded


  • Production yearly

    460.000 Liters


The location of Kilchoman on Islay’s west coast has some historical resonance. It was in this parish that the MacBeatha/Beaton family settled when they came across in 1300 from what is now County Antrim in Northern Ireland.

They were doctors (a Beaton was the hereditary physician to the kings of Scotland for hundreds of years) who translated medical texts about distillation from Latin into Gaelic. There is therefore a theory (albeit unproven) that Islay was the first place where distillation took place in Scotland – and that Kilchoman parish was where it occurred.

It wasn’t so much this which caused Anthony Wills to build his farm distillery here in 2005 – it was more the fact that there was a spare steading at Rockside Farm available. In building Kilchoman, the Wills family has brought farm distilling back to Islay.

Now surrounded by barley fields, the distillery expanded in 2007 and built new warehouses. In November 2017, an additional malting floor and kiln was built on the site of the old Rockside Farm cowshed.

In May 2019, Kilchoman doubled production with the construction of a new stillhouse containing two more stills, along with a new mash tun and six new washbacks. That has taken production capacity close to 0.5m litres of pure alcohol a year, and will enable experimental runs using different yeast and barley varieties.

Timeline of Kilchoman

“We are Islay’s Farm Distillery. Here on the remote Island of Islay we distil Scotland’s only Single Farm Single Malt, hand-crafted from barley grown in the surrounding fields and malted on site.”
Kilchoman distillery

Distillery Facts

Taste profile

Medium bodied

Medium in citrus, vanilla, and fruity notes

Medium/ High in sweetness, sherry and spices

High in smokey notes 

Kilchoman Club

The Kilchoman Club is for everyone tha tis a fan of Kilchoman. Not only will you be updated with everyting Kilchoman, like new releases and distillery information but also every year a club member will have the chance to buy a special edition of Kilchoman. There  have been nine editions already. 

Always keen to find something a bit different to their regular releases for the Club, their have found a series of very rare Kilchoman casks.

This, the Ninth Edition, is a vatting of four fresh oloroso sherry hogsheads, cask 548, 549, 550, 551 distilled in August 2012 bottled in 2020. This edition is a 8 year old Kilchoman with a cask strength of 56.2% ABV. Only 1,200 bottels where made and released. 

Core range 

At this point Kilchoman core range is: 

  • Machir Bay 
  • Sanaig
  • Loch Gorm (2020) 
  • 100% Islay (2020) 

Archive bottles: 

Seasonal releases 

  • Inaugural release
  • Autumn 2009 release 
  • Summer release 2010
  • Winter release 2010
  • Spring release 2010
  • Spring release 2011

Maturation & Cask Finishes

  • Sherry cask release
  • Port cask matured 2014 edition 
  • Madeira cask matured 
  • Sauternes cask matured 
  • Red wine cask matured 
  • Sauternes cask finish 
  • Port cask matured 2018 edition 
  • STR cask matured 
  • Fino sherry matured 
  • Am Bùrach

Original Cask Strength Editions

  • 2014 edition 
  • 2016 edition 

Comraich batch 

  • Comraich batch No.1 (2018)
  • Comraich batch No.2 (2019)
  • Comraich batch No.3 (2019)

Bottels Archive

All the bottles released by Killchoman sorted by year.

Started from 2009 until present. 

Check it out by clicking below 

100% Islay Edition


  • 1st edition (2011)
  • 2nd edition (2012)
  • 3dr edition (2013)
  • 4th edition (2014)
  • 5th edition (2015)
  • 6th edition (2016) 
  • 7th edition (2017)
  • 8th edition (2018)
  • 9th edition (2019) 
  • 10th edition (2020) 

Loch Gorm Edition

  • Loch Gorm 2013 edition 
  • Loch Gorm 2014 edition 
  • Loch Gorm 2015 edition 
  • Loch Gorm 2016 edition 
  • Loch Gorm 2017 edition 
  • Loch Gorm 2018 edition 
  • Loch Gorm 2019 edition 
  • Loch Gorm 2020 edition 


  • 2006 vintage 
  • 2007 vintage
  • 2008 vintage
  • 2009 vintage
  • 2010 vintage

Distillery Tours

Join the only ‘Barley to Bottle’ experience in Scotland, and gain an insight into the day-to-day running of our distillery. You will have the opportunity to walk through the distillery production accompanied by one of our friendly guides and taste two of our core expressions. A tasting glass is included and drivers drams are available if required.

We have allocated spaces available for children 8+ years subject to a small admission fee and may also be booked online.


About 1 hour


2 drams


£10 per person

Come on a journey around our distillery, learning about the vision our founder Anthony Wills had for Kilchoman and exploring the recent developments. During this two-hour experience you will be given a detailed explanation for each part of the whisky making process, all taking place on site. You will also be guided to our Warehouse to discuss maturation whilst soaking in it’s amazing aromas. A tutored sit down tasting is provided afterwards to allow you to sample our award-winning range of single malts.


About 2 hours


£35 per person

Our roving tasting tour promises to be a treat for all your senses. As you work your way round the distillery you’ll be offered tastings of 5 carefully chosen drams including some of our current releases and something from the distillery archive.  As you walk through the different stages in production, including  our traditional Malt Floor, peat filled Kiln and atmospheric Warehouse, you’ll experience an overwhelming variety of sights, smells and sounds.


About 1 hour


£25 per person

Minimum of 8 people

We are happy to provide whisky tours of our Distillery for groups of 8 or more people. It is advised that you book these in advance as our scheduled tours are restricted in numbers. We also provide a tour and lunch package for groups, please get in touch for more information or to make a booking. 

tours@kilchomandistillery.com or +441496 850011

Visitor center 


January – December


Saturday (Apr -Nov)10:0017:00
Sunday (Apr-Nov)10:0017:00



Kilchoman Distillery Company Limited
Rockside Farm
Isle of Islay
PA49 7UT
United Kingdom
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