Cley Distillery

Master distiller and owners:
Paul Den Dulk & Maria de sena Neves

Living by the dram
whisky blogger and expert
About the distillery and its heritage

Thank you Paul and Maria for inviting us into your beautiful micro distillery and showing us around.

I would love to ask you a few question about your distillery and your whisky. 

 Where did the idea come from to start your own distillery?

Where does the passion for whisky and other spirits come from?

What does whisky mean to you?

How long have you been in the business and what have you done before?

What are the great things about this profession?

What are the less beautiful things about the profession that people do not easily think of when they think of a distillery or whiskey brand?

How did you come up with the name Cley distillery?

Why did you establish the distillery in Rotterdam and what was your motivation for this?

What were the obstacles you faced when you started a distillery and a new whisky brand?

 Why did you choose this method of distilling and why maturing in these specific barrels?

What are the future plans for the distillery

What can we expect from Cley distillery in the near future?

Questions about the whisky

How would you describe the Rotterdam whisky for someone who has never drunk it?

Which whisky do you like very much?

If you could only drink 1 whisky for the rest of your life what would this be?

What different kind of products do you produce?

Where can we buy your products?

Where can people book a distillery tour, and what are the costs?

 I read on your website that you have something called cask friends. This would mean that a person can also buy whole barrels filled with your whisky and mature them at your warehouse and bottle them themselves.

Paul Den Dulk
Master Distiller and owner

The pleasure is ours and its good to see you are interested in our distillery and whisky. 

As a food technologist there has always been an interest in brewing beer, and there is also an interest in history. Malt spirit has always been produced in the Netherlands around 1800. We unite old distillation history with new aging techniques to create a whisky with a full, deep flavor, all this within 4 years

Paul did voluntary work at the gin museum in Schiedam, and followed the distiller training course in Hasselt. It is unbelievable that you can make such a beautiful product with 3 /4 ingredients.

By experiencing the entire process yourself, from malt to whiskey, you can see the spirit develop in 4 years into a layered wood-aged whisky. This development differs per barrel. When we step into the warehouse in the morning, the scent of spirit and wood meets you. Every time it is a gift to see how nicely a product ripens over time.

5 years, and I also worked for 25 years as an entrepreneur in the food industry. We have a fish replacement company and a shelf life extenders company.

When we step into the warehouse in the morning and the scent of spirit and wood comes your way. Every time it is a gift to see how beautiful a product will become. Being able to share the enthusiasm with other whisky enthusiasts. 

The loss in the process is large in the beginning, you start with 100% wash and end with 10% final product.

Making whisky means having patience, at least 3.5 years otherwise it is not allowed to leave our warehouse. 

The name Cley refers to the street name in 1611 Cleywech. The old rural connecting road between Overschie and Rotterdam.

We live there and were able to realize this on our own property

We are the only distillery in Rotterdam since 1984, it was a sort of work to realize this. We are very happy to be able to continue this heritage.

Distilling three times is old Dutch tradition and suited our vision very well. By slowly distilling three times, we get a softer distillation.

By first maturing for three years in ex-bourbon barrels and then in 65 liter virgin oak barrels, we obtain both depth in taste and color.

We are a family business and will grow organically, fast and big is not an option.

At the beginning of 2012 we will be introducing a new program. Within this program we will be offering a special finish. This will only be 1 cask at a time.

A full whisky that reminds you of a 10 year old Benromach or Benriach

The Cley Malt & Rye 58, very own, incomparable product

The 58, I hope one day I can produce a 10 or 20 year old. 

Malt & Rye whisky, Single Malt whisky, Gin 

In Rotterdam and the surrounding area, Leiden, Vlagtwedde. But the fastest option is Whiskeybase.com or our website.

Visit our website at: 


or email us at: 


The caskfriends program allows you to fill your own barrel of 10, 65 or 100 liters. This can be done with new make spirit, Malt & Rye or the 3 year old single malt.

There is also a choic


Overschiese Kleiweg 745
3045LM Rotterdam

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