Fettercairn Distillery

The Fettercairn distillery (pronounced Fetter-Cärn) is a distillery that produces single malt Scotch whisky is situated in the city called Fettercairn in Schotland. 

Fettercairn name is loosely based on the phrase “the foot of the mountain”.

The arch and the unicorn are two symbols that are heavily associated with Fettercairn. The unicorn is said to stand for purity and strength and has been a symbol of Scotland since the reign of King Robert III. It is also used within the Ramsay clan crest, of which the founder Alexander Ramsay brought with him to the distillery. The Fettercairn arch dominates the entrance to the town and was built to commemorate a visit by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1861. This symbol has also been used in the design and logo of Fettercairn malts.

Fettercairn is owned by Whyte & Mackay Distillers.

The four stills are something special. The neck of each still is cooled by water sprayed onto it by a spray bar that encircles the neck. The cooling water then runs down the outside of the neck of the spirit still before what’s not been steamed off en route is collected by a collar at the foot of the neck. The effect of cooling the neck is to cause more of the heavier spirits that would otherwise pass straight into the condenser to recondense inside the still itself and fall back into the pot. This gives the finished product a lighter and more floral finish than would otherwise be the case.

  • Owner

    Whyte and Mackay Group
    Parent company:
    Emperador Distillers Inc

  • Status


  • Country


  • Region


  • Production type:

    Single Malt

  • Founded


  • Production yearly

    2.200.000 Liters


One of the main attractions of Laurencekirk, the village nearest to Fettercairn, is a huge, ostentatious red sandstone archway spanning the road that commemorates the visit to the village of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1861. Fettercairn has similarly grand pretensions. It was founded in 1825 by the local landowner Sir Alexander Ramsay, who then sold his estate, distillery and all, in 1830 to Sir John Gladstone, father of four-time British Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone.

However, the Gladstone family were hands-off owners (fun though it is to imagine ‘The People’s William’ getting to grips with distillation). Allowing the distillery to be run by tenants, they retained ownership until 1923. A short period (mostly in mothballs) under the control of Ross & Coulter ended when Fettercairn was sold to Associated Scottish Distilleries (ASD, the Scotch arm of National Distillers of America which, at its height, owned Bruichladdich, Glenury Royal, Glen Esk, Glenlochy, Benromach and Strathdee).

When ASD ceased trading in 1954, its estate was split up and Fettercairn ended up in private hands. Its new owner, Tom Scott Sutherland, had the distillery until 1971, when it was bought by Tomintoul-Glenlivet; from there it joined Whyte & Mackay.

Although mainly a contributor to the firm’s blends, it has long been bottled as a single malt. A more concerted effort started in 2009 when a range of aged variants and a pair of no-age bottlings, Fior and Fasque (the name of the Fettercairn estate), was released.

In 2018 Fettercairn was relaunched by Whyte & Mackay with a new range of single malts aged between 12 and 50 years old.

Timeline of Fettercairn

“Our stills, and their unique cooling rings, capture only the purest expression of our whisky's character”
Fettercairn distillery

Distillery Facts

Taste profile

Medium bodied

Medium in citrus, vanilla, and fruity notes

Medium/ High in sweetness, sherry and spices 

Fettercairn Warehouse no.2

The first release from its Warehouse Collection. This one was matured in the distillery’s Warehouse 2, and drawn from five different types of cask:

  • Port pipes
  • Vasyma sherry butts
  • Tevasa sherry barrels
  • Unseasoned Vasyma barrels
  • Ex-Bourbon barrels

Core range 

At this point Fetercairns core range is: 

  • 10 year old 
  • 12 year old 

Archive bottles: 

  • 8 year old 
  • 10 year old green decanter
  • 12 yea rold 1824
  • 16 year old 1st release 2020
  • 22 year old 
  • 23 year old 
  • 24 year old 
  • 26 year old, stillman’s dram 
  • 28 year old 
  • 30 year old 
  • 40 year old 
  • 46 year old 
  • 50 year old 
  • 1966 limited edition
  • 1966 exceptionally rare 
  • 1967 limited edition 
  • 1967 Críoch Aibhne 
  • 1972 -1824 
  • 1973 -1824 
  • 1973 limited edition 
  • 1977
  • 1984 
  • 1989-1824
  • 1990 -1824
  • 1997 distillery exclusive
  • 9 year old, 2003 distillery exclusive
  • 12 year old, 2003 distillery exclusive 
  • 2005 distillery exclusive 
  • 7 year old, 2009 scottish experience 2016 
  • warehouse 2 batch 1  
  • Fasque limited Edition
  • Fior limited edition

Bottels Archive

All the bottles released by Fettercairn sorted by year.

Check it out by clicking below 

Fettercairn Core range

Fettercairn 12 year old

taste note


Vanilla and pear, with soft spices


Refreshing nectarine and tropical fruit, with subtle roasted coffee, clove, and ginger. A memorable finish of sultanas and black toffee


medium long finish with flavors of tropical fruits and soft spices

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Fettercairn 16 year old

taste note


Vanilla and ginger, with sun-kissed raisins


Succulent peach, ginger and caramel gives way to banana, with chocolate and demerara sugar.


Medium long finish with ginger, caramel and vanilla

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Fettercairn 22 year old

taste note


Banana, citrus fruit and plum, combines with raisin, fig and ginger bread


Spiced pear, caramelised orange and coffee, tempered by liquorice that then makes way to morello cherry, plum and treacle


Medium long finish with citrus fruits and dried fruits, raisins and ginger

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Fettercairn 28 year old

taste note


Pineapple and melon give way to treacle and banana, with a hint of warm ginger and liquorice


Citrus peel and black pepper, tempered by walnuts, vanilla, and spices. Coffee, apricot, and a touch of sweet balsamic 


Long finish with tropical fruits, spices, vanilla and nuts. 

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Fettercairn 40 year old

taste note


Honey, molasses, and ginger at first, overtaken by toffee apple, thick treacle, and sherry


Liquorice and balsamic,balanced with citrus and raisin. Hints of toffee, honey, and Demerara sugar.


A glorious finish of soft spice and tropical fruits

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Fettercairn 50 year old

taste note


Aromas begin the experience, ginger, spices, citrus peel, and apple. Further nuances emerge, Morello cherry, over-ripe plums, and blackcurrant. A whisper of coconut and a hint of over-ripe pineapple


Warm spiced citrus, ground coffee, and toffee apple, giving way to rich notes of Port wine and sweet almond. Burnt caramel and soft chewy liquorice notes


Long finish with caramel, port notes..

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Distillery Tours



About 1 hour


1 drams


£7.50 per person

Visitor center 


January – December


Day Times
Monday 10:00 18:00
Tuesday 10:00 18:00
Wednesday 10:00 18:00
Thursday 10:00 18:00
Friday 10:00 18:00
Saturday  10:00 18:00
Sunday  Closed  



Fettercairn Distillery
Distillery Road
AB30 1YB
United Kingdom

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